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Describing your research or accomplishments is not easy, especially if your audience consists of eminent experts. To help you tell your story well, our qualified and experienced writers will work with you to create effective and sophisticated conference posters/presentations, grant proposals, award applications, and resumes.

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Conference Presentation/Poster

Conference presentations and posters mark an author’s entry into the world of research communication. Our team can edit and design your presentation or poster to achieve maximum impact. We check the structure and flow of the overall presentation, and ensure that the right information is supplemented by informative graphics. For non-native authors who would like to practice their speech, we can also provide a voice-over of your speech in a native English voice.

Grant Proposals/Award Applications

Once you share your research brief with us, we help you put together a comprehensive grant application package: a cover letter, a statement of need/purpose, description of your research, your budget plan, and your resume. If your funding organization requires this information to be entered a pre-designed form, we will tailor the content to suit the format. Similarly, for award applications, we can communicate information on your significant achievements in a compelling and persuasive manner.

Academic CVs/Resumes

Our team members, being researchers themselves, are well versed with the emerging trends in resume/CV writing and presentation. By arranging information in order of relevance, using terminology that is domain-appropriate and impactful, and checking for consistency in presentation and readability, our writers will help you create a stand-out resume. We can also customize your resume to suit the position you’re applying for.




60 USD per hour

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